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What would our founding fathers think today? They wrote, “we hold these truths to be self-evident,” in our Declaration of Independence. There are so many self-evident truths today. History will ask where was American leadership, where were the American people during this sad episode in our history.

It is an undeniable truth that we elected cowards in Congress that bow obedience to the National Rifle Association rather than take the most fundamental constitutionally legal steps to stem the American gun violence.

It is an undeniable truth these cowards will slash the taxes of the rich upper crust who spread thick layers of re-election cash. It is undeniable they have America on a disastrous fiscal slide, the wreckage of which will have to be cleaned up by our children. It is self-evident that these American value imposters withdrew to a posh resort in West Virginia to develop strategy for their re-elections while privileged interests rewrite our tax policy. This Congress, without reading, subjected that law on the American people.

They deny the self-evident truth that the climate is changing and embrace the “Lords of Yesterday” fossil fuels. Re-election coffers are fattened and they concede to China a renewable future. They stand with their hands in deep pockets while a president’s wrecking crew tears down safeguards that have provided us with clean air to breathe, safe water to drink, fairness sideboards for business and a doctor for poor children.

They call for family values as they stand ready to eject from our country working parents and children who thought they were Americans.

We elect these hypocrites and cowards rather than great leaders. We pick those people who keep the system rigged against “we the people.” But still, it is our fault, it is our doing. It is a self-evident truth that history will not look back on us with kindness or forgiveness.

Mike Penfold


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