I am going to give Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte the conspiracy and obstruction in the Mueller report, even though I don’t believe it was a Three Stooges Babes in Campaign Land campaign, as they say.

What I won’t give them is the Russian interference. All the security agencies said it happened, as they know. I am sure the oath that they took to serve in the Senate or Congress included, “defend against foreign and domestic enemies,” as I did 51 years ago when I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. I have looked on their .gov websites and could not find any reference to the interference. Are Daines and Gianforte OK with it? Are they hoping for the Russians’ help in the next election? I hear they may have a close re-election. Have they even got the nerve to speak out against it, let alone sponsor a bill or something? Scared of a tweet? Can’t they look voters in the eye and say America’s security is that important? Is this those Montana values they campaign on?

So, 50 years ago, May 1, 1969, the oath I took got me a medivac out of Vietnam, this close to a body bag. That was and is my decision. No regrets, I’d do it again.

Daines and Gianforte seem very worried about losing votes, job, something — so where do they stand?

Jeanette Rankin spoke and voted what she believed. She was not afraid.

Thomas J. Schumacher


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