As a retired psychiatric nurse and concerned citizen, I am alarmed at reading the recently published book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” In one article titled "Sociopathy," Lance Dodes, M.D. describes behaviors typical of the sociopath: "Deceitfulness as indicated by repeated lying; failure to plan ahead; reckless disregard for the safety of self or others; consistent irresponsibility indicated by failure to honor financial obligations; and lack of remorse indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing have hurt, mistreated or stolen from another."

Dr. Dodes further states: " ... successful sociopaths may not look very 'crazy' but their capacity to lose touch with reality shows up when they are stressed by criticism or disappointment. Later when they are less stressed, they explain their loss with reality with rationalizations or simply more lies." (p. 86-87)

We know from published reports and TV coverage, Trump lies on an hourly basis, he is well-known for stiffing contractors, employees and lawyers. He has a hard time hiring reputable attorneys because it's well known he doesn't pay his bills.

The president has behaved in an inept, unseemly manner when visiting foreign countries, for example pushing aside the leader of another country so he could be in front for a photo, making fun of the customs of people in Japan and China. Our allies generally see him as dangerous and a fool. His dangerousness is exemplified by his threatening the narcissistic, unstable leader of North Korea, a country now armed with nuclear weapons.

In less than a year the president has managed to alienate both a majority of Americans and a majority of countries with the exception of Russia. Talk has begun throughout the nation that this president is so incompetent, inept and dangerous that impeachment should be considered. This will not happen with the Republicans in control.

This is the case even though off the record many express their distrust and dismay at his behavior. The GOP, including our Sen. Daines, is happy with their tax cuts for the rich people and corporations.

Merry Christmas, but don't expect a happy new year.

Jan Buehler


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