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I read President Donald Trump is coming to Billings. I am terribly dismayed at the adoration shown to this man, especially by the faith community. He is a disgrace in so many ways and I would never want any child to look up to him. He is uncivil, indecent, immoral, petty, rude, bombastic, racist, sexist and he lies to the American people on a regular basis. He is a threat to our republic and the practice of democracy.

I don’t understand how any person of faith could uphold this man. I don’t know what God they worship, but it certainly isn’t the one I do. Jesus would be appalled with Donald J. Trump, and I honestly believe when he dies he is in for a rude awakening — as are his supporters. Go back to your Bible and read what Jesus taught. If you believe in his teachings you simply can’t support a rogue like Trump.

If he truly wants to Make America Great Again, he will resign. That is the best thing he could do for our country. Look at the country and the civil unrest he is causing. Americans are committing acts of violence against non-supporters, and Trump encourages this behavior. What kind of person does that? Unfortunately it is the president of the U.S. I hope people will come to their senses and demand this man be removed from office. Perhaps then we can return to being a grateful nation that God blesses.

Denise Boggs


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