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I am writing in reference to the article written in the Nov. 19 sports section. This article was written by Bill Speltz. This had to be one of the most one-sided articles that I have ever read. Bill is a self-admitted Grizz fan, and I think that is great. What I don't think is right is that he puts his personal feelings in writing on the sports page. This should be in a letter to the editor. I would think that his job is to report the facts, not his personal feelings.

He might as well said that the reason the Bobcats won is because of bad officiating in giving them timeouts that they didn't deserve. The reason the Bobcats won is because they out-played and out-coached their opponent in the second half. Both teams played extremely hard and we all should be proud of our teams.

He also made mention of the "emotional toll" that the 23-year-old Californian had after the fumble. Maybe he should be mentioning the great play by a Montanan, Tucker Yates, who caused that fumble. Let’s keep opinions and facts where they belong.

Rene LeVeaux


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