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I support Kathleen Williams as Montana’s future sole representative in the U.S. House. I suggest you study Kathleen’s background, positions and record — and vote for her as well.

Kathleen served three terms in the Montana House, re-elected by her constituents twice. Kathleen shepherded the contentious Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes (CSKT)-Montana water compact, a comprehensive, controversial and forward-thinking solution to a thorny Montana issue. Sausage-making at its worst, Kathleen knows compromise, collaboration and communication.

Kathleen’s background is in fish, wildlife and ecology. Her career has been in conservation, working with the farm and ranch community and local, state and federal governments promoting multi-faceted sustainable practices assuring long-term health of lands.

Difficult familial health-related events have focused Kathleen on our health care system features and its failures. She is committed to improving health care — a complicated issue presently in disarray, and demanding level-headed attention. She is committed to strengthening and funding Social Security as the demographic tsunami looms. Kathleen has a proven track record to squarely face difficult issues and resolve them.

Kathleen represents “Montana values” — and my own. Practical experience and a willingness to work on the nitty-gritty of resolutions — Kathleen Williams is that candidate.

Jeff Ball


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