My husband and I live north of Billings on Highway 87, which heads towards Roundup. Now that the snow is melting and it is getting warmer, the outdoor chores begin.

One of the tasks that has become part of my routine is picking up trash on our acreage that borders the highway — and I mean a lot of trash! I have picked up just about anything you could think of, from drivers licenses, car parts, clothing, dirty diapers, furniture, building materials, along with the usual beer and pop cans, fast-food leftovers, cigarette butts, and paper and plastic household trash items — the list goes on and on and on.

Remember years ago when there were large “Do Not Litter” signs along the highways? The signs, in my opinion, were eye-catching, and made an impression on travelers. One of my favorites was the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign in the 1970s with the Native American in his canoe, surrounded by trash, with a tear running down his face. Now that sign made an impression on me. Those signs have long disappeared.

What happened? We shouldn't need signs to remind us “do not litter.” Or do we?

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Please, keep America beautiful! Do not litter.

Luanne and Harlan Mauch


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