Roger Koopman, one of five Montana Public Service Commissioners, recently wrote that the student protests regarding our current climate crisis is a leftist plot. Mr. Koopman, when did science become a leftist plot?

Science created the car you drive, other modern amenities and electricity that you supposedly regulate. This same science is saying that we have saturated our atmosphere with the wastes of more than 100 years of industrial development. This science says that this is warming our earth especially the oceans to make it unlivable. This science says we are creating extreme weather events and making portions of the earth unlivable for the millions that inhabit it. The only scientists (about 3%) denying this are paid by organizations funded by oil interests.

Mr. Koopman, with your bias toward science you should not be regulating our public utilities that provide our electricity and making decisions about wind and solar generated electricity that do not add to our climate crisis. Please consider resigning.

Bruce Bender


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