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The Montana Wildlife Federation is Montana’s oldest wildlife conservation organization. We were formed in 1936 when a diverse group of Montana saw a need to speak up for wildlife. For over eight decades we have worked to ensure abundant wildlife, healthy habitat on public and private lands, and public access to enjoy our public fish and wildlife resources.

MWF strongly supports the proposed purchase of the 4,273 checker-boarded acres as part of the Holmstrom Sheep Creek Access Project. The proposed acreage in Meagher County, just north of White Sulphur Springs, offers incredible wildlife values, stunning scenery and would open up to public access roughly 11,000 acres in the Little Belt Mountains that are difficult to get to.

The project will also improve access to 9 miles of cold-water tributary streams that are vital to the robust nature of the Smith River. Once transferred to the Forest Service, this land would be public land in perpetuity.

MWF commends the willing landowners, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Forest for working on this project. We understand the tremendous work and patience that goes into putting together a land deal. That’s why we fully support the completion of this project that will have lasting benefits for future generations.

Marcus Strange

Central Montana

field representative


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