After reading the article about the "Copper Ridge Class Action" suit (The Billings Gazette, May 20), I want to voice my displeasure at the tone and implications of the piece. It seemed to make the assumption that almost every home in the Copper Ridge area suffers from settling issues.

While I do understand the frustration of the minority of homeowners in the area who have had settling issues, I would wish that the reputation of this healthy and growing community that I have enjoyed the past two years be preserved from your one-sided and biased piece. It should also be noted that settling issues are not at all unique to the Copper Ridge area and can be found in almost any area south of the rims because of the soft soil.

The majority of us in Copper Ridge are not thrilled to be part of this lawsuit as it does not apply to us and the article did not demonstrate the journalistic principle of integrity to all sides of the issue.

Elizabeth Vowell


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