I laugh when I see MAGA caps, and listen to his moronic blather about making America great again. He has no idea what greatness is, and in fact has made America smaller, and lost the respect of other nations, showing the very opposite of great leadership.

America's finest hour was in the wake of World War II when great men in this nation including General George C Marshall, then secretary of state, President Truman, William Clayton, George F. Kennan, and our House and Senate pushed through the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe, which then lay in ruins with shattered infrastructure, industry, and economies. Never before or since in the history of warfare has the victor so unselfishly and generously helped the vanquished to rebuild.

The result has been almost 65 years of peace and stability in a region previously torn by wars. America took a leadership role, and became a role model, earning the respect of all the nations of the world.

Our president has squandered that role, and earned us the contempt of the world — thank you very much.

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Walls are not the answer to our current immigration issues, but a Marshall Plan for Central America is, and can benefit us greatly in many ways, but this would require greatness, leadership, courage, and vision. The money thrown out the window with tax cuts to billionaires could better have been invested a Central American Marshall Plan.

Howard Wilkinson


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