Let's talk civilly instead of shooting opponents

Let's talk civilly instead of shooting opponents


I was appalled to read State Rep. Rodney Garcia’s statements in the Feb. 2 Billings Gazette.

Following Rep. Garcia’s comments about shooting socialists, I was subsequently taken back to open another Senate campaign solicitation, a somewhat mild one this time, that read: “We all saw what Obama did to our country… taking us down the disastrous, divisive road of socialism and ‘fundamental transformation.’”

When I was a child growing up in a staunchly conservative Montana home, red was what Russia was. It was an evil empire. China was red too. Both were threats. And we were fighting in Vietnam to thwart the red tide of communism in Asia.

Now the president of the United States calls the leader of communist North Korea his pal and relishes photo-ops with him, while Republicans harp on the evils of socialism now, and Rep. Garcia proclaims socialists should be shot. What gives? Are we moving left, right, or just being played?

I visited a political party web page that reads: Let’s make Montana red. I guess I’m not sure what that means anymore. But I’d much prefer to participate in civil, if heated, discussions of what’s best for the health and well-being of Montana communities, families and children — now and in the future — rather than see folks take up guns and spill blood in Montana.

Hal Schmid




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