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Letter to editor: Trust women

Letter to editor: Trust women


A Republican candidate for the Montana Legislature came to my door asking for my vote. I said I needed to know something first. Roe v. Wade will likely be overturned soon, and it will fall on the Legislature to decide what happens to a woman who has an abortion at six weeks, maybe a woman whose partner is abusive. What punishment would the candidate mete out? Would he put her in jail? Evidently so, and he went into a discussion about how if a pregnant woman fell down the stairs and lost her pregnancy she would now have to be investigated as to whether it was intentional.

What kind of authoritarian nightmare are we going to bring upon ourselves if we elect a Republican Legislature and governor? Can’t we trust women and let it be between a woman and her God? It could be noble to be anti-abortion for yourself and promote that value to others, but don’t judge your fellow woman with God’s eyes. Let’s not bring back backroom abortions and deaths from shock.

Want to lower the rate of abortion? Support effective long-acting contraception that prevents unwanted pregnancy and saves the government four times the money it costs. From another economic aspect, consider that micromanaged pregnancy investigations may deter businesses with female employees from moving to our state.

Let's support the frontier tradition of self-determination for men and women alike and elect Democrats, most especially Cooney as governor.

Ieva Bailey



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