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Letter to the editor: A good use of paint

Letter to the editor: A good use of paint


Young people frequent the Rims at about 17th Street West. Many exchange friendly waves as I walk trails below. Some horse around on a narrow ledge — I hold my breath as they flirt with a fatal fall. I’m chagrined by the amount of trash tossed to the rock-strewn landscape below. Yet, I’ve been heartened by groups of young people removing copious amounts of litter from this beautiful natural ecosystem.

More concerning is the ever-evolving spray-painted graffiti covering a billboard-size area of sandstone. This eyesore hovers over a nice neighborhood, city park, great place to hike, and landscape supporting much wildlife.

In addition to calling to rectify this specific desecration of the Rimrocks, I advocate that the city put signage in key areas warning of the potential $1,500 fine for defacing the Rims.

To condemn all teenagers for bad use of paint by a few would be a severe error in logic. Yet, of late, there have been those who generalize about all police based upon the action of some, or worse, generalize about all people of color because of the actions of some looters and law-breakers. The record-setting Black Lives Matter movement involved 15-26 million adults peacefully protesting to draw attention to systemic racism in America. BLM is not a “symbol of hate” (Trump’s words) when painted on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It is a Declaration of Independence that all people are created equal and deserve equal protection under the law. That’s a good use of paint.

Dave Klarich



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