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Letter to the editor: A note to The Donald

Letter to the editor: A note to The Donald

In 1945, Winston Churchill had completed his quest to defeat Nazi Germany and save Europe from Hitler. Churchill was immensely popular throughout the western world and he stood for re-election as Prime Minister of Britain. He was sure to win, but somehow he lost to Clement Attlee, head of the Labour Party which then advocated a socialist agenda.

Churchill despised socialism and was devastated by the outcome of the election, but told his assistant, "They are perfectly entitled to vote as they please. This is a democracy. This is what we have been fighting for." The next day he told a friend, "My faith in the flexibility of our Constitution and in the qualities of the British people remains unaltered." He then wrote to Attlee, "I shall look forward to talking things over with you when the House (of Commons) opens. We have an immense amount of work to do in common, to which we are both agreed and pledged." (See, "Churchill: A Life," by Martin Gilbert.)

This is what honor, integrity, love of country and respect for democracy look like. The Donald and his sycophants could take a lesson. Trump is no Churchill.

Kent Koolen



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