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Letter to the editor: Alternatives energy sources are a scam

Letter to the editor: Alternatives energy sources are a scam

Human-caused climate change is real. Not a scam, as it benefits no one. Most of us realize this, except flat-earthers. Few if any solutions, we are thrown red herrings from both sides. The corn ethanol scam makes rich men. The result is net negative if you are honest. With wind, it is difficult to sort fact from fiction. Every component of a wind-charger wears out. The tower itself outlasts everything else. What do you do with those huge blades? Bury them. Solar power has a lot of potential, but covers huge amounts of ground for the output. Both, of course, require a reliable base load backup or battery storage, which is another set of problems. Hydrogen as storage is a seemingly attractive alternative. Although, since 30% - 40% is lost in the electrolysis process, and more in transmission, how do you store it? How do you use it? To fire generators?

Estimating a 30% efficiency at the generator, after some basic math (.3 X .7 = 20% net efficiency), transmission losses again. This is pure pie in the sky, is another scam. You can't burn it in a car due to storage issues, or in your home. Batteries are made from rare, toxic materials, are short-lived, and difficult to recycle. Solar panels are made from purity quartz which is not abundant. Energy intensive, and limited life expectancy, they degrade each year.

"We have met the enemy and he is ours," Oliver Hazard Perry in the war of 1812. There are simply too many of us. Native Americans were able to simply move on when they degraded an area. They call it "good stewardship of the land," but the truth is their numbers were not high enough to have an impact. Our very "success" (population) is our undoing.

Howard Wilkinson



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