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Letter to the editor: Anti-vaxxers are part of the problem

Letter to the editor: Anti-vaxxers are part of the problem

I'm really fed up with hearing "it's a personal choice" when discussing vaccination. Of course it's a personal choice. So is driving under the influence, so is robbing a bank, or molesting a child, or countless other things people choose to do.

Rejecting vaccination is choosing to be part of the problem. It effects everybody around you. It is choosing to be socially irresponsible. Viruses mutate constantly, and the larger the pool of people who can be infected, the greater the probability that some of those mutations will make it more infectious — Delta for example — or more deadly. It also can ultimately mutate to bypass the vaccine.

The conservatism I was raised with embraced social responsibility, and serving one's country, one's god, and one's fellow man. The principles that also form the foundations of original Christianity. Both have largely been lost, thrown aside and abandoned, replaced by ignorant self-serving greed selfishness, and irresponsible behavior.

Refusing vaccination is neither a rational nor a responsible "personal choice," but one based on ignorance, absurd conspiracy theories, lies and distortions etc.

We have no option but to accept that choice, but we can and should regard it with contempt, though restrained by politeness it is seldom expressed.

Howard Wilkinson



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