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Letter to the editor: Biden's win brought tears of joy

Letter to the editor: Biden's win brought tears of joy


The celebrations across not only the nation, but the world, reflect the immense relief and joy at the upcoming transfer of power from the maniacal reign of Donald Trump to an administration under President Elect Joe Biden. I cried blue tears of joy with my friends and family around the world the moment Joe Biden was announced our president elect.

We understand that Trump supporters may choose to exile their beliefs into a bubble to protect themselves from reality, choosing to believe the bizarre and baseless lies that somehow support counting all the votes in some states while halting the count in others, both of which were contrived only to skew votes as much as possible in favor of Trump. The reality, however, is these juxtaposed positions were derived from false claims, which courts are throwing out, due to their complete lack of validity. Ask yourself, why wouldn’t we want to count all of the votes?

It is time to face the music. This election is historic both in total vote count and provable validity. The people of this nation, on both sides, have endured divisive presidential rhetoric and immorality, the likes of which have never been seen before. That is why many states held Republican positions while the presidential vote leaned to Joe Biden. There is a silent, and sometimes not so silent, aversion to Trump among many Republicans. The fact is, they voted for Joe Biden instead.

Jen J. Larson



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