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Letter to the editor: City should better prioritize budget

Letter to the editor: City should better prioritize budget


We all know that as the city grows we need more police, firefighters and additional employees to operate the city. However, why do taxes need to be raised to pay for this? There have been thousands of new houses built over the past 10 or so years that should have generated several millions of dollars. Where did that money go? Did it go for a dog park? Did it go for more miles of bike paths? Don't get me wrong, I do believe these to be good projects, that is if money is available. Although, as I travel around the city streets, I don't see many dogs at the dog park nor do I see very many people on the bike paths, although I do see a few joggers from time to time. My question is, where did all that extra tax money go? We have lived in our present home for about 15 years and our taxes have increased substantially, why? Again I ask, where did all that increased tax revenue go?

I wonder if our city council doesn't know how to prioritize very well. How about taking care of the important items first (police, firefighters and other essential employees) then work on some of your pet projects? I did ask this same a few years ago when they were trying to get more funds for the same reason and was just blown off. Maybe if more people start asking we might get some answers.

Ernest Jennings



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