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Your latest Gazette Opinion on Feb. 2, exemplified the saying that there’s nothing that white liberals hate more than a conservative African-American. I found your characterization of Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. as “a Milwaukee sheriff in a bedazzled cowboy hat” to be sophomoric, denigrating and offensive.

You go on to report that he has been “named” in a civil rights lawsuit which “alleges” that while he was the sheriff, a man died from dehydration after being left without water for a week. Parsing that sentence suggests that it has yet to be proven that a man was deprived of water, that it contributed to his death, or that the sheriff was even aware of it much less caused it to happen. Isn’t our legal system based upon the presumption of innocence? Nevertheless, by your final paragraph he is “a man who is accused of not giving a prisoner water” as if he did it personally. That same paragraph refers to wanting “Christian values” to show through, from a paper that dropped its Faith & Values section last year.

Of course you could not resist rehashing our congressional representative’s lapse of self-control on the eve of the special election for the 100th time. I honestly expect your weather forecast to predict that Billings is about to be body slammed by a winter storm some day.

I find The Billings Gazette’s pervasive illiberal ideology and agenda-driven stories outweigh its purpose as a news source more each day.

Jeffrey F. Mosser