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Letter to the editor: Daines, Rosendale, fed incendiary rhetoric

Letter to the editor: Daines, Rosendale, fed incendiary rhetoric


Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Matt Rosendale, I’m glad to see you have safely emerged from the violence that you helped instigate on Jan. 6. I was imagining you cringing under your desks, frantically seeking your red MAGA hats so that the mob wouldn’t tear you to pieces when they broke down down the door.

There’s a teachable moment here. A portion of the electorate, especially here in Montana, is unfortunately attracted to incendiary rhetoric and bizarre conspiracy theories featuring George Soros, aliens from the planet Ork, various religious and ethnic minorities, and something they call “Q.”

It is politically tempting to feed them this stew, nod gravely while they foam at the mouth, praise their patriotism and promise them heroic deeds in their defense. The problem, as it has always been, is that they will start to really believe this offal and act on it. Then you have them running amok through the Capitol until they can be chased out by riot police and tear gas and you are left looking like the hapless saps you are.

You’ve just started your terms. Think about what you might do from now on to avoid another similar catastrophe.

Phillip Parker



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