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Letter to the editor: 'For crying out loud, wear a mask'

Letter to the editor: 'For crying out loud, wear a mask'

I am 61 years young. Almost 15 years ago I made the life changing decision to make the arduous trek from Georgia to come up here to be with my son. Back then my life was fraught with uncertainty as to what would transpire when I arrived in Montana. I was at that time an addict and alcoholic. Today, I boast being in the health care field and a productive member of society who rallies for the underdog. I am clean and sober.

The reason for this letter is that in my entire life I had never heard the word "pandemic." One year ago, we tried to understand the full scope of what this virus was and how it would affect family, friends, and coworkers. It reminded me of The Twilight Zone. As more news and information trickled in, we began to let reality sink in. We were in for the long haul. As the virus war raged on like an out-of-control wildfire we pondered what would become of us and life as we knew it. Now we mark one year. We've made great strides in curbing COVID-19 through tenacity and determination, as well as following implicit guidelines to isolate, social distance, and practice good hygiene.

For crying out loud, wear a mask. These precautions were implemented so that we could all prevail. Back in December I contracted COVID-19. It was nothing short of a miracle that I came away unscathed and rose to the occasion. My son, however, did not fare as well. This virus has no rhyme or reason. Please do your part and get the shot. Keep pressing on with faith and hope. Spring arrives, we emerge from our cocoon to spread our wings and fly.

Jennie Bodine



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