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Letter to the editor: GOP cowardice is shameful

Letter to the editor: GOP cowardice is shameful


Let’s be clear, any U.S. Senator who voted not guilty on the impeachment trial of Donald Trump participated in jury nullification. You’ll remember that term from the OJ trial acquittal. The evidence is overwhelming. Donald Trump primed his supporters claiming for months the only way he could lose was if it was a stolen election and continued the big lie after he had lost by more than 7 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes.

During his campaign and throughout his time in office he winked at and in some instances encouraged violence against his opponents. He was aware of the Michigan capitol takeover and the plot to kidnap the governor. He summoned supporters to Washington D. C. on Jan. 6th, knew there were armed extremists in the crowd, had been forewarned of the likelihood of violence, riled them up and then directed them to the capitol. Like a mafia don, trying to establish non-culpability, he threw in the word peaceful one time after saying fight, fight like hell, more than 20 times. Any reasonable person would know this was an explosive situation. He was guilty of incitement and should never be able to hold public office again. If this was a secret ballot, he would have been found guilty by a large margin. The disgraceful cowardice of GOP senators will be their legacy and the country’s shame.

Thomas Romine



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