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Letter to the editor: GOP was party of law and order

Letter to the editor: GOP was party of law and order


I remember when the Republican party was the party of law and order. Now it has become a personality cult that is better labeled as the reTHUGlican party. There are Republicans who still value honesty and integrity, but the signs predicting the lawlessness that has happened have been present in Montana for a few years.

Republican leadership in Montana is held by millionaires who are not Montana natives and who act like the laws do not apply to them. Our new governor assaulted a reporter and lied about it. Our new state auditor lied about being a resident to buy a resident hunting license. Our new congressman said he was a resident of both Montana and Maryland to get a tax break, and his first act as congressman is an act of sedition. Not to be left out, our junior senator joined other senators in an act of sedition.

Now Donald Trump has incited insurrection, which is an act of treason as his mob of supporters has invaded and occupied the United States Capitol building. They sure have made America great.

Maybe it is finally time for responsible members of the GOP to support our Constitution and our Democratic republic and denounce lawlessness and the criminal element leading their party.

Jim Hartung



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