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Letter to the editor: Legislature gone nuts

Letter to the editor: Legislature gone nuts


Is anybody else paying attention? Our state legislature has gone nuts, pushing through one wacky bill after another. It's like the lunatics are in control of the asylum. Every day I pick up The Gazette and dread what I will see and that dread is usually justified. Insanity is insanity, regardless of political affiliation.

Most recently our idiot rubber stamp governor signed into law a bill making it legal for all Montanans who can legally own a gun to carry a concealed weapon virtually anywhere including schools, bars, and banks. How does that make us all safe? How is that even remotely sane? Just imagine that barroom brawl when the participants are all carrying weapons.

In Billings, not a week goes by without a shooting, and there are usually several. Now imagine two or three well-meaning citizens getting involved and you have a shootout. Now, imagine the police showing up. You have a veritable lead storm and guess what? Bullets do not stop at their intended target. Everybody on the South Side had better begin putting ballistic vests on their children. You might as well move to Beirut.

I grew up during the cold war, and remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination. Not to mention MLK, Bobby, etc. We did nuclear drills in elementary school. How are you going to protect and train today's children? This is just one of the countless goofball legislations.

Howard Wilkinson



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