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Letter to the editor: Losing the battle

Letter to the editor: Losing the battle


In 1969, I joined the USAF and immediately became immersed in the effort to stop the spread of Communism in Southeast Asia. North Vietnam was a Communist, autocratic dictatorship that wanted to snuff out democracy in South Vietnam. South Vietnam needed our help to fend off this diabolical invasion from North Vietnam.

The USA was glad to come to their aid. We had the greatest military assets in the world; the most well-trained airmen, marines, sailors and soldiers that ever walked this Earth. This “Vietnam Conflict” would be over in no time!

Simultaneously, Russia, China and the USA intensified the Cold War. Then politics and sketchy indecisive leadership put the final nail in the coffin.

The USA lost the war along with 58,000 Americans, a million South Vietnamese civilians as well as millions of military and civilians in North Vietnam. Cambodia and Laos fell to communism also.

Now our nation faces another diabolical invasion by a formidable, frightening and deadly enemy!

We have the greatest doctors, medical personnel, scientists and pharmaceutical companies in the world, so why are we losing the battle against COVID-19?

Our Communist adversaries are intensifying their game of espionage on corporations, private citizens, and the U.S. Government again! And again, we are in another vacuum of competent leadership, aided and abetted by stupid juvenile bipartisan politics! It has cost the lives of 250,000 Americans, while devastating our heroic medical personnel.

A vaccine is coming “soon.” The best, most effective defense currently available for all of us is to simply wear a mask, social distance and wash our hands frequently when we are in a public environment.

The most bizarre and absurd phenomenon right now is the inconceivable number of Americans who refuse to wear a mask. They don’t want to be inconvenienced.

A detrimental outcome of groupthink is self-destruction: I have a friend who was in denial of the coronavirus who is now quarantined with COVID-19 and seriously inconvenienced.

It is time to wake up to reality, people. Wear the damn mask!

Lynn Leroy Arney



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