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Letter to the editor: Meanness won't attract high-tech to Montana
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Letter to the editor: Meanness won't attract high-tech to Montana

Gov. Greg Gianforte wants to attract high-tech businesses to Montana and thinks cutting taxes for the wealthy will make it happen. But what would companies see when they consider locating in Montana these days? They’ll see a state government that has declared “open season” on LGBTQ folks.

Employers would see that many of their workers and customers could be legally discriminated against in Montana. They’ll see a state famous for its wildlife, but that appears to have declared war on that wildlife; a state where the Legislature and governor are collaborating on a plan to diminish the competence and objectivity of state judges.

They’ll see a state where public services and the social safety net are being steadily cut apart. They’ll also see a state where funding for public schools is being watered down, where shameless legislators promote bills that benefit themselves financially. And finally, they’ll see a state that’s trying — through voter suppression and interfering with the initiative process – to weaken citizens’ ability to have a real say.

In short, they’d see a state governed, not with competence, but with extremism and meanness. This isn’t conservatism. And it won’t attract new wealth or young people to Montana.

Steve Paulson



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