Letter to the editor: President's statements are unconscionable

Letter to the editor: President's statements are unconscionable


After President Trump’s ridiculous remarks about ingesting disinfectants I wrote this to my representatives in the U.S. Congress:

“For my entire life I have felt safe as a United States Citizen, I have trusted my government and it’s leader... until now. I have tried to be understanding that a citizen with no public service training may do okay as the president and one has to marvel at a system that allows it. I do not understand the nonsense that President Trump communicates at his press rallies, that a leader during this stressful time would say something so dangerous then say he meant it as ‘sarcastic’ is unconscionable! People are dying by the tens of thousands and he is being ‘sarcastic,’ reckless and frankly mean-spirited. How can a moderate Republican support this man? I have to wonder about his mental stability and you should too. I would like him arrested for reckless endangerment.”

The only one to respond directly to my email was Rep. Greg Gianforte who said, “I know the president’s communication style may rub some folks the wrong way...” Well shucks, and golly gee whiz, the president suggesting we drink poison sure did rub this “folk” the wrong way.

Dara Reimers



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