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Letter to the editor: Racism isn't the problem, black culture is

Letter to the editor: Racism isn't the problem, black culture is


For a number of years we have heard an awful lot about racism, there will always be people with racist inclinations, but America is definitely not a racist country. Barack Obama won the presidency with nearly 70 million votes in 2008 and won again in 2016, with a significant margin.

We have well over a million illegals in this country who are awaiting, or already avoided, an asylum hearing and they represent well over 200 countries. People have always endeavored to get into, not out of, America. It is true that white household income is significantly higher than Black household income, $76,057 to $45,438. However, Asian households earn far more than whites at $98,174; Hispanic households earn $45,438 and Native Americans only $40,315. I believe these differences can be explained not by race but by the differences in the specific cultures.

We have known for some time that single-parent households are a highly significant indicator of poverty. In 2010, 72% of Black households were single parent households. Those figures for the other races were Native American 66%, Hispanic 54%, white 29% and Asian 17%. While many women do a heroic job, I believe single-parent households are a determining indicator of how much a family will earn.

Prior to the 1960s, single-parent households were not nearly so prevalent. Over the 20 years prior to 1960, they represented only 18% of Black households and 2.5% of white households. Soon after becoming president, Lyndon Johnson passed Aid for Dependent Children (AFDC) legislation that paid women for bearing children so long as there was not a man in the house. He had promised supporters he would have those Blacks voting Democratic for the next 200 years. He termed it part of his war on poverty, I term it a war on the American family. It proved to be effective assist to the sexual revolution as single-parent household numbers exploded.

Over the last 57 years we have spent $20 to $30 trillion on the war on poverty and have reduced it by only a third. President Biden seeks to make America an equality of outcomes society. Isn't that what Karl Marx was trying to do with the Communist Manifesto?

The political genius of our founders recognized there were no truly benevolent monarchs or dictators. They devised a new form of government based on the keystones of freedom of speech and religion, separated powers and equality of opportunity, elected by the governed. They changed an ethnically and racially diverse fledgling nation into the most powerful nation on earth in just 160 years. When Gorbachev came to America and asked to visit a supermarket he was certain that it was the only such store in America. In Russia they had daily lines for bread until it ran out, meat was black market item only. How could such opulence be possible? Will we chose opulence and freedom or scarcity and tyranny?

Alvin Ellis Jr.

Former Republican Montana state senator

Red Lodge


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