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Letter to the editor: Remember 'death panels'? They're back

Letter to the editor: Remember 'death panels'? They're back

Eleven years ago, Americans were deeply involved in the debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act, or ACA. One of the main points for the Republicans was that the legislation would create “death panels.” You know, where bureaucrats would decide who lives or dies. Well, unfortunately this is now true, except the decisions are being made by doctors and not politicians. Is this the result of the ACA, which was widely supported by the Democrats? Or are Republicans at fault?

In Wednesday's Gazette, it is being reported that hospitals in mostly “red” states have begun to curtail and/or cancel surgeries due to the outbreak of COVID among mostly unvaccinated Trump Republicans. The COVID deniers are swamping hospitals as the new variant is infecting all age groups including children.

Any Republican politician who says COVID is not real should be held accountable at the ballot box for any deaths caused by the delays in surgery or medical care unrelated to COVID.

Paul Groshart



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