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Letter to the editor: Republican Party is not so conservative

Letter to the editor: Republican Party is not so conservative


As a senior, veteran, and Independent, I am appalled at the direction Daines, Giantforte and Rosendale are attempting to take us. First, they are exploding our deficits and debt. Daines and Giantforte actually brag about that in their ads praising the Trump tax cuts for billionaires. Second, they are not pro-life, as they are attempting to kick 20 million people off of health care during a pandemic, plus they praise Trump’s failed leadership and anti-mask campaign as deaths surge in the U.S. Third, they do not want to conserve our outdoor heritage as Trump and Republicans continue to gut any and all regulations designed to protect our air, water, land, and wildlife habitat. Further, Republicans continue to push for selling off our public lands.

So just what does the Republican Party stand for these days? I would think a true conservative would hold these beliefs: paying our own way and not running up the debt on our kids; conserving our natural outdoor heritage; trusting scientists and medical professionals to lead our fight against a pandemic. Daines, Giantforte and Rosendale are not true conservatives. They appear to worship only two things: 1. Trump, and 2. Billionaires and wealthy corporations.

I long for the day the Republican Party returns to some sense of normalcy, because the Democratic Party is by no means perfect, which is why I am an Independent. But at this time my votes will go to Bullock, Cooney and Williams.

Orville Bach



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