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Letter to the editor: Sen. Daines, please clarify your position

Letter to the editor: Sen. Daines, please clarify your position


Dear Sen. Daines,

Could you please answer a few questions for me, to clarify your position on various relevant topics?

Do you think the coronavirus was manufactured in a lab in China, potentially as a bio-weapon, or occurred naturally in an animal and was transmitted to humans?

Do you think that the virus is like the flu, HIV or SARS and will go away naturally or needs to be fought?

Do you agree with the Trump administration and Jared Kurshner that the administration has been successful in its fight and deserves credit, or do you think the success is due more to the efforts of the governors and local leaders?

Do you think that PPE and tests are readily available at the local levels? If so, is this due to the administration's efforts to procure and distribute them, or the ability of state and local governments to procure these items in spite of the Trump administration?

Do you think that the Affordable Healthcare Act should be scrapped without a viable replacement, especially in light of the current medical situations?

What is the acceptable trade-offs in deaths for economic activity? Is 10,000 deaths acceptable if it generates $10 million; in other words, is each life worth $1,000? What is the value of a life in this situation? $500? $1,000? $10,000?

Finally, do you think that President Trump is mentally fit and intellectually and emotionally equipped to handle this crisis? Or do you not think this situation is a crisis?

Your constituents are dying to know.

John Greenberger



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