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Letter to the editor: State Games aren't Trump rally

Letter to the editor: State Games aren't Trump rally


The Big Sky State Games are not a Trump rally and it’s doubtful that most athletes appreciate them becoming one. Obviously, Deb Greenough, who opened BSSG wearing a Trump 2020 mask, disagrees.

No one is thrilled to have their life disrupted by COVID-19, but COVID-19 doesn’t care. It only respects recommended preventive measures like physical distancing and mask wearing. Any political posturing that discourages preventive steps is not only silly but dangerous.

Not only did Greenough make a political statement in a non-political venue, but he did so to support a president whose irresponsibility in confronting COVID-19 and wishful thinking about its spread led it to become more widespread in the U.S. than virtually any other country, and in an ironic twist, pushed Greenough into the spotlight, as the original torch lighter, Sam Schultz, was unable to attend the event because his girlfriend had symptoms of COVID-19 and he was awaiting tests. I suspect though that this irony was lost on Deb Greenough.

Though masks are advised and may improve health outcomes, Trump’s personal distaste for them is well established, even if belatedly he has donned one with a focus on his reelection prospects rather than the health of U.S. citizens. I interpret Greenough’s display of Trump support similarly as, “I’m being forced to wear this, but I resent it.” He should have instead been appreciative of the honor given him and masked up, while sparing everyone else his ill-conceived political agenda.

Tim Sherry




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