Letter to the editor: Three reasons to choose Bullock, Cooney

Letter to the editor: Three reasons to choose Bullock, Cooney


Here are three strong reasons for not voting for Daines or Giantforte.

1. Both have terrible lifetime conservation voting records of 6% and 5% respectively (compared to Jon Tester’s 88%). We Montanans revere our natural heritage and public lands. Scores can be viewed at scorecard.lcv.org.

2. Both were instrumental in exploding our nation’s deficits and debt by passing unnecessary huge tax cuts to billionaires and wealthy corporations at a time when the economy was doing just fine. We are now paying a heavy price for that stupid legislation with annual federal deficits heading for over $4 trillion.

3. Both appear to represent Sen. Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump rather than Montanans. It is mind boggling how both continue to shower Trump with love despite the terrible behavior and judgment exhibited by our president. For example, imagine staging a large campaign rally with no masks or distancing during a killer pandemic while requiring all participants to sign a pledge not to sue the campaign if they get sick! No, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Steve Bullock will represent Montana, not political bosses in D.C. Lt. Governor Mike Cooney will continue the solid governing of our state exhibited during the Bullock administration.

Orville Bach



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