Letter to the editor: Trump's administration sinking in its own swamp

Letter to the editor: Trump's administration sinking in its own swamp


There may be some justice in the world. I find it funny that President Trump is complaining about John Bolton’s book, trying to prevent the book from being published. Too late. The book is out. Some of Bolton’s revelations have hit the airways and can’t be unheard. The situation between Trump and Bolton reminded me, “There is no honor among thieves.” Bolton is no prize. He had trouble getting along with others in government, and could have testified in the impeachment hearings, but held out for money. But Trump picked him and many other unqualified people.

I thought of other sayings like, “Buyer beware” or “You get what you pay for.” Enough people voted for Trump to win the Electoral College. We wound up with a president and many others who are trying to enrich themselves, and a Republican controlled Senate that does nothing except to try to get reelected. Some members of the Trump regime have left under a cloud and others are in jail. Trump said he’d drain the swamp. Instead he enlarged the swamp so much that his administration is sinking in it and the rats are deserting the ship of state.

I haven’t even mentioned Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic, the economy, the food lines or the reemergence of racism and the needless death of African Americans. Hopefully, things will change Election Day. Maybe we’ll keep Trump’s foreign buddies out of our election and stop Trump and his cronies from throwing roadblocks in front of voters to suppress the vote.

Bob Sandler



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