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Letter to the editor: Violence is the worst pandemic

Letter to the editor: Violence is the worst pandemic


From the very beginning, this country has been deeply rooted in a tradition of violence against one another and legitimate government: the Tea Party's attack on legitimate British government; the Revolution; the extermination of Native people; slavery, Jim Crow, and the Civil War; are all examples of how this country has celebrated violence.

The institution has flourished through beatings of one senator by another on the floor of the Senate, assassinations, random mass shootings of small children protected ineffectively by well-intentioned people who seem to believe the Second Amendment negates the rest of the Constitution. Montana gained a certain notoriety by hosting Ted Kaczynski, The Montana Militia, and a guy from Rimini who shot up the Capitol building. Someone quipped, “At least our cows are sane." The cows are sane enough but not us.

Until we attack violence as the disease it is, more mobs of violent know-nothings will continue to imagine themselves as heroes and try again to wreck our democracy.

Karl Schmiedeskamp



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