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Letter to the editor: Virus doesn't need you to believe in it

Letter to the editor: Virus doesn't need you to believe in it

If you are a general, a governor, or a business owner, one would think that protecting your troops would be a top priority. Your troops are your soldiers, your citizens, your employees, and co-workers. Of course, freedom and liberty are important, but one must put the actual life of our fellow humans into that equation.

Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are spreading COVID. Does a true leader let her/his neighbors get ill and die? Our governor is not a true leader and he obviously does not “believe” in science. I did not realize that was an option. Viruses kill people whether we “believe” in them or not. At least 1,830 fellow Montanans have died of COVID as of Sept. 10, whether they “believed” or not.

Joe Biden did not want to mandate vaccines to show his power and ego. He did it to protect his troops — us. The president had to override the Republican fake news and alternate facts and go with science. This pandemic is still around because of GOP misinformation.

Two of my Great Falls pals, both fully vaccinated, caught a breakthrough case of COVID while lunching at a Great Falls bar. Come to find out said bar’s owner would not allow his staff to wear masks. How exactly is this good for business or Montana’s economy?

Please, Montanans, whether you are a red hat MAGA or a blue bird Democrat, remember those 1,830 dead folks next time you vote. Your vote has consequences.

Sandra Schiavon



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