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Letter to the editor: What's the flap about wearing a mask?

Letter to the editor: What's the flap about wearing a mask?

What’s all the big flap about wearing a mask to school? I’m 89 and where I attended school, we had to salute the American flag every morning, repeat the Lord’s Prayer, and listen to our teacher read some verses from the Bible. She was also Sunday school superintendent, so you better pay attention. This was state de règle.

Lighten up, all you bare-faced citizens. Saying the Lord’s Prayer for 12 years had no effect on me and the flag saluting made me a die-hard patriot. As an adult, I visited some foreign countries and was always elated to see our flag in South Korea, Mexico, Canada, and even New Jersey.

All of you pistol-packing Proud Boys trying to scare school boards can’t shoot your way out of this COVID-19 epidemic except with a vaccine. And the uneducated cling to the idea you have a constitutional right to send your bare-faced kids to school.

Stick around, everyone. The next salvo from these unenlightened citizens will be their right, under the constitution, to send their kids to school with head lice.

Maggi Buttrell



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