He swore he'd do his best, but spends little time on his job.

He accepted emoluments from foreigners.

He abused his authority by dismissing legions of transition servants to empower a small army of narrow minded, self-serving individuals, many with foreign entanglements.

He extended top security clearances to people obviously unworthy of top security clearances.

He appointed a Cabinet representing not we the people, but special interest networks.

His China trade policies have diminished not advanced economic welfare of the USA.

His foreign policies have diminished not advanced national security, and the relative position of the USA with our allies.

His border policy inflicts crimes on humanity of asylum seekers.

Over 900 former USA Federal prosecutors read the Mueller report, and see evidence that he endeavored to obstruct justice.

The Putin-Oligarch-Crime network violated USA federal election law by deploying information warfare against Hillary Clinton, while targeting selected groups to vote for him, or his weaker opponents.

When favoring Putin, he commits high crime.

Currently, Mitch McConnell, also the GOP controlled U.S. Senate, will not vote to impeach him.

He will obstruct Congress regarding his ruble laundering, bank and tax frauds.

He favors white male nationalism.

He will be the GOP nominee in 2020.

He is uniquely loved and admired by many.

He alone, may be above and beyond the reach of legal precedents and U.S. law.

Doug Collins, the ranking minority member of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to investigate those who investigate Donald Trump.

Bob Williams


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