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The founders warned of the necessity of an informed electorate — fact-based voting. Today, that requires understanding how candidates (and the media) view truth.

To the average Montanan, truth means the facts or what really happened. But, in our postmodern-post-truth culture, truth is a product of our emotion-based opinion that tends to service our agenda. Facts don’t enter the equation.

It’s not mud-slinging to say this is where most progressive Democrats land; it’s their worldview — their perception of reality.

A couple of pictures from the Montana Senate race:

Sen. Jon Tester poses as a Blue Dog Democrat. But who holds the leash on “moderate Jon?” Planned Parenthood endorsed him, he voted in lockstep with Sen. Charles Schumer 90 percent of the time, opposed tax cuts, and increased our insurance premiums by fighting for Obamacare then blamed insurance hikes on Matt Rosendale. He is weak on border security and is for sanctuary cities. On these issues, Tester and Rosendale are opposites. Tester is the poster child of the post-truth worldview.

Then there’s the media, always picturing Tester in his tractor, just common Montana Jon. Interestingly, their photographers missed that picture of Matt Rosendale working with his neighbors to repair fences damaged by the prairie fire last summer. Darn, no picture of Rosendale hauling sugar beets either. The post-truth media ignoring reality again.

You decide — which understanding of truth do you want in the Senate?

Richard Pence


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