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Addressing the opinion of Bishop Jessica Crist of Great Falls, who referenced the teachings of Jesus, I completely agree that Jesus taught us to have compassion, to love and to serve the needs of the widowed and orphaned. We are to care for the disadvantaged and are to be a voice for those whom have no voice.

I read nowhere in scripture where the government should or could take care of the welfare of the people. Remember, during biblical times the Roman government was crucifying Christians and the church.

Our government is set in place to secure our liberty and to defend the freedom of the people against tyranny, both on foreign and domestic fronts.

Outside of that, they are to leave us alone. We have a government and a nation of laws that already provides for the general welfare, such as public roads, schools, infrastructure and the like that people cannot do singularly.

Benjamin Franklin said, “People should be made to feel uncomfortable in their poverty.” He didn’t say we shouldn’t help, he was referring to the fact that we shouldn’t enable people not to help themselves.

The point is this, it is the church and the community’s responsibility to care for people, not the government’s. You know the needs of your neighbor better than any government does. Jesus said you help; Do you hear — you help. He never taught us to beg our government to do what we the church and community should already be doing. Montanans, do you give to charity? Do you donate time to the causes that help people and do you give your tithe to the church so that it can carry out its mission? The church that Jesus spoke of was supposed to go into the whole world with His gospel and spread the teachings of faith, hope and love. If we love one another, we will take care of each other. If we, the church, fulfill the mission of the church there will be no need to beg the government to do what they are ill-equipped to do.

Do-gooders always want to do good with other people’s money. Government cannot give to one citizen, unless first, it takes from another citizen.

When you replace God and goodness in society; government is all too ready to be the source for you to depend upon. No thanks. I choose God.

Dennis Teske