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LR-129 was forced onto the ballot by Republicans in our Legislature as a thinly disguised attempt to suppress voting by the elderly, the disabled, the poor and Native Americans because they fear these groups are less likely to vote for Republican candidates.

LR-129 makes it harder for people to collect someone else’s ballot and turn it in for them. Conservative Republicans argue that it’s needed to insure the integrity of our voting system, but they offer no evidence that this practice ever has led to abuses. It’s purported to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

What LR-129 will do, and what conservative Republicans hope, is make it harder for people who have limited access to transportation to vote. It will prevent non-partisan get-out-the-vote efforts from helping people deliver their ballots.

Our country is founded on the principle of voting. For two centuries we’ve worked to expand the right to vote. We should applaud efforts to make it easier to vote. LR-129 is a step backwards, and those who promote it cannot with a straight face claim they believe in democracy. We should reject LR-129 and any other attempts to suppress voting. Vote no on LR-129.

Susan Carstensen


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