You don’t have to be a fisheries biologist to know that the Madison River is in trouble from over-fishing. All you have to do is think about one statistic: The river suffers over 200,000 angler days per year, more than any other river in the state.

Think about that fact for a moment longer. Those days really aren’t divided by 365, but closer to 120, the period from June through September, when most anglers hit the banks. That means that during those months, the river sees about 1,666 anglers every day, almost hard to imagine, but true.

Yet, commercial interests don’t want any restrictions — none. Just plain common sense dictates that something needs to be done, and it needs to be done now. The Fish and Wildlife Commission has to put restrictions in place before 2020. The life of one of the greatest trout rivers in the world is at risk.

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Beth Rowell


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