This is in reference to the recent or, shall we say, current shootings that now seem to have spread like an epidemic with no known cure. What will vaccinate us? Are we safe? Do I believe it can happen here? Without a doubt yes, even though the chances are minuscule. It is a very sad day indeed when we read, see or hear about yet another tragedy. The devastation is plastered on the front page of newspapers and television headlines then in a blink of an eye another story takes precedence.

While senseless to us, as a society, it somehow makes sense to the shooters. We ask why? We cry, we are angry, bewildered and yet we as a collaborative whole have become immune.

God knows what's going on and wants us to trust Him. People may be asking why then is He allowing this to continue? He isn't, it is a fallen world we live in. I for one am not going to lose my faith. Yes, it is becoming all too familiar and close for comfort. A "random" act of violence? I think not. It touches us all on every level, on everything I consider moral and decent.

In Philippians: “Do not be afraid of your enemies, always be courageous,” and this will prove to them that they will lose and that we will win because it is God who gives us victory.

Jennie Bodine


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