For the first time in our history, we are not only under attack from foreign powers like Russia, the Saudis and China, but also the man who swore allegiance to America when he took office. Instead, he is working to destroy the framework of our democracy, with help from Steven Miller, a key adviser/white nationalist who stokes the flames of racism in the speeches he writes for Trump.

Trump lashes out at Dems, saying they need to pass bills and help him. To date, the House has passed well over 100 bills, many of them major pieces of legislation, and all of them are being blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who won't bring them up for a vote!

After Bob Mueller testified that cyber-attacks are intensifying now, McConnell refused to allow a vote on two different bipartisan bills that would have authorized an effort by the U.S. to counterattack these intruders. Don't you wonder why? Could it be because he wants to hold onto his power so badly that he thinks if it will take Russia or China meddling in our election systems to ensure a win for Trump in 2020, then, okay, he's down with that. There can be no other explanation. None. Maybe it's really McConnell who is the most dangerous man in the country.

To those who think it's no big deal — especially if you support this administration — you may have another think coming. The stock market so far is moving along, but those tariffs and company closures he doesn't want you to think about are taking a toll. Farmers will never regain the healthy trade agreements they once had for their soybeans and other crops. Think that repealing regulations is a good thing? Think again. There are fewer safety nets in place to protect our food supply, our water, and ultimately our lives. There is a war on science being waged. Pollution of our air, water, and land continues unabated, with the resultant climate change staring us in the face. Don't we owe our descendants anything? It would seem not. #weareallendangered

Paula Dee

Lovell, Wyo.

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