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In the state senate race for Senate District 24, Tom McGillvray is easily the best candidate over incumbent Sen. Mary McNally. McGillvray compiled an outstanding record during his four terms in the Montana House of Representatives (2005-2012). His tenure was highlighted by his commitment to limited government, lower taxes, a favorable business climate that creates jobs, affordable quality health care, quality education and outdoor recreation including hunting and fishing.

In contrast, Sen. McNally has a long record of voting against Second Amendment rights, against affordable health care, and against lower taxes. In the 2015 legislative session she supported Bullock’s vetoes of pro-gun bills HB298 and HB533 and again in the 2017 legislative session, supported vetoes of pro-gun bills HB262 and HB494. During the last two legislative sessions, Sen. McNally voted against bills to lower income tax rates, to prevent welfare fraud, to provide educational savings accounts for special needs children, to give legislatures fiscal information on the business impact of bills, to study medical malpractice and defensive medicine reform, to limit the governor’s use of the state airplane to state business, to reject unfunded mandates by the federal government, to shop for health care insurance across state lines, and to require permission from county commissioners before relocating bison into their area of jurisdiction. I was born and raised in Montana and McGilvray shares my values.

He will put the people first. Let’s keep Montana great and vote for Tom McGillvray.

Ed Halland


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