Medicare should be opened to all

Medicare should be opened to all


The United States has a health care system that works well -- Medicare. Why don’t we open up Medicare from birth to death, including hearing, sight and dentist screenings for children? Our goal is to have everyone as healthy as they are able to be.

Removing insurance companies as intermediaries will reduce costs and confusion. It makes no sense to have insurance companies deciding if a person will have treatment, even though the doctor recommends it. Insurance companies will continue to have large business opportunities insuring properties.

Costs for Medicare for all can be covered by:

• The vast savings achieved by removing insurance companies from health care.

• The vast savings from having all health providers using one billing agent, eliminating correspondence with multi-agents.

• Using the Veterans’ Care pharmacy program with reduced drug costs; for example, the U.S. bargaining for the lowest drug cost internationally.

• Using a sliding scale to remove health care premiums from the Social Security payments for retired citizens and a similar sliding scale premium removal from monthly/quarterly earnings.

• Letting the patient know the costs as well as the outcome of possible treatments. Americans are sensible people and many may choose a lower-cost treatment.

• Providing early prevention, more immediate intervention, and more at-home health care will lower overall need for health care and costs.

Join me in asking our senators and new representative to consider Health Care For All, similar to the Medicare system.

Betty Whiting



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