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Two years ago, Trump ran on a pledge to “drain the swamp,” to clear government of the corrupt lawmakers and lobbyists who have long plagued Washington. I’ve learned something about SD 22 Billings Heights incumbent Doug Kary. He's the epitome of that swamp. He's been in elected office for 13 years and hasn't done much, except give himself and his cronies pay raises and catered to special interests. He violated the Montana Constitution when he left the 2016 session with an unbalanced budget.

Our state government should exhibit transparency, honesty, accountability and integrity. Kary’s record proves he hasn't exhibited these values.

Jennifer Merecki is the breath of fresh air SD 22 desperately needs. She's a small business owner, a former health care executive and grew up in the Yellowstone Valley region.

She will not sell off our public lands, and Merecki will champion for affordable access to health care. She feels veterans should have a choice on the care they need. She will fight for transparency and is against dark money and corruption. Merecki is fiscally responsible and knows how to balance a budget.

Merecki is running an issues-focused campaign, not based on partisan politics. Merecki believes in civility, treating others with respect, moral clarity and lives by the Golden Rule.

If we show up to vote for Merecki, we can be more effective at draining the swamp in Helena than we have in D.C.

Jeff Blatnick


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