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During the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Montana I heard Michael Flynn, an Obama-Era officer, enthusiastically endorsing the one I call the flying sergeant Troy Downing for U.S. Senate on a Billings radio station. I may have promoted him by calling him a sergeant. As one who flew in combat in Vietnam, I can assure you that this Downing guy did not hold the aeronautical rating of pilot in the U.S. Air Force. No matter what civilian pilot licenses or ratings you hold, you cannot become a pilot in the U.S Air Force unless you attend Air Force pilot training. By entering the Air Force at age 35 Downing was way too old to enter pilot training in the Air Force. His political ads were purposely meant to mislead the viewer about what Downing had down while flying in the Air Force. As a person who has flown in combat myself, I find what he has done disgusting.

There was another veteran running against Downing who had spent many years on active duty as an Air Force doctor. We knew him as Dr. Al. He spent his whole life as a Montana resident. His family had been in Montana for many generations. He and Downing received about 20 percent of the vote each. Had the veteran Downing had not been in the race, I believe the veteran vote would have gone to the legitimate veteran, Dr. Al.

I understand Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his wife were heavily involved in promoting Troy Downing for U.S. Senate. Maybe it is time for Zinke to tender his resignation to Trump. I believe he is at least partially responsible for the Republicans not winning the U.S. Senate race in Montana this year.

Dr. W. David Herbert


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