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How strange that our billionaire president can spend public money to fly to Montana, stick the local government with a bill for tens of thousands of dollars as well holding all U.S. taxpayers liable for paying all of his traveling security and who knows whatever other expenses just so he can tell us what to think.

One would could think that the multi-millionaire candidates whom the president supports could, or would, speak for themselves. They don't speak, they don't even listen. They don't take questions. Indeed one of them famously assaults questioners. The other is so opaque that even members of his own party don't know what he stands for.

Our representative democracy is dependent on open discussion of issues and ideas. Kathleen Williams and Sen. Jon Tester have lifelong careers as listeners who hear people's needs and work to resolve problems for the good of the state and the country — not to massage the ego of the president or increase the wealth of a small wealthy elite.

Karl W. Schmiedeskamp


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